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Our #1 seller for the weekend short track racer

    Chi-Town Race Products #1 selling grass roots radio system great for any Asphalt or Dirt Short track in the country.

    You get a pair of Chi-Towns BRAND NEW powerfull 4 watt UHF 16 channel radios. All 16 programmed exclusively for you with the Rapid chargers and transformers as well as batteries.
Our #1 seller for the weekend short track racer
(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Only $699.00
The SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL System package includes:

    1 - Pro-Series Helmet Mic and Harness with Gold plated connectors.
         * Gold is the best conductor and does not corrode over time to give you years of worry free service.
    1 - Sportbud Earbud speakers
    1 - Pro-Series Car Harness and Radio Jumper.
    1 - Pro-Series Push-to-Talk Button protectively sealed to keep the dirt oil clutch dust and moisture out.
    1 - Chi-Town Radio Box that will hold the radio in the car.
         * Even in the most violent applications (Mounted correctly).
    1 - Chi-Town's Exclusive Behind-the-Head Headset.
         Behind-the-Head type just like all the other pros use. Only ours is better.
         This headset has an additional scanner port (others charge extra for that).
    Headsets Include:
       ˇ Military MI style mic.
       ˇ Protectively sealed Push-to-Talk button in left ear cup
         * Keeps the dirt out as well as moisture for you dirt track racers.
    1 - Pro-Series Headset Cord with the exclusive Gold Connectors.
    1 - Crew Radio Belt    
    1 - Black Anodized Heavy-Duty Aluminum Equipment Case
    to carry it all in and keep it clean and organized.

    Additional crew members can be added for $350 each 

    A list of all your programmed frequencies as well as instructions are included.

    All equipment is Brand New and come with easy to understand instructions

    *Radios and equipment come with a 2 year warrantee against manufacturers defects and workmanship.

     Chi-Towns exclusive Lifetime free winter maintenance for original purchaser always included with every system we sell


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