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Safety Equipment
 • Fresh air fill hose
 • FP fresh air hose
 • FP fresh air hose BLK
 • 80 cf Scuba Tank
 • Fire Barrier Paint

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 • Carbon Fiber BTH
 • Black BTH Headset
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 • NASCAR Car Harness
 • IMSA Car Harness
 • Motorola Headset Cord
 • Vertex Headset Cord
 • Moto Turbo coil cord
 • IMSA->NASCAR Adapter
 • NASCAR->IMSA Adapter
 • Velcro Mount PTT Switch
 • Wheel mount PTT Kit
 • Radio Box
 • 2 Pin Motorola jumper

Helmet Kits & Speakers
 • SPORTBUD Speakers
 • NASCAR Helmet Mic
 • NASCAR Mic w/Cord
 • IMSA Helmet Mic
 • IMSA Mic w/Cord

 • HYT/Blackbox Std. Battery

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For Long tracks or Road courses

    Built specifically for the Super Speedway and road courses.

    This is the finest in Motorola hand held radio system.

For Long tracks or Road courses
(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Only $1199.00
The Super Speedway includes the following

    2 - NEW CP200 4 WATT UHF Radios New Batteries and Rapid chargers with whip radio antenna user CD and instruction manuals.
    1 - Body mount Antenna coax and correctly tuned to frequency range antenna whip.
    1 - BNC adapter
    1 - Car Radio box
    1 - Pro-Series IMSA 4 connector car harness and radio jumper. 
    1 - Pro-Series IMSA 4 connector Helmet mic
    1 - Challenger II ear bud speakers
    1 - Pro-Series Velcro mount shielded button Push-to-Talk switch.
    1 - CHI-TOWN Noise reduction Behind-the-Head Headset with Military grade M1 mic superior grade speakers and also has scanner port for crew chief to monitor scanner as well as driver.
    1 - Motorola headset coil cord
    1 - Ballistic pouch for crew radio.
    1 - 2 in. Nylon crew belt
    AND!!! You will receive a NEW Black anodized Aluminum equipment case to keep it all in.

    Chi-Towns exclusive Lifetime Free winter maintenance for original owner always included in every system we sell.

    Additional crew members can be added for $440 Each. 


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