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 • Fresh air fill hose
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 • Fire Barrier Paint

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 • Motorola Headset Cord
 • Vertex Headset Cord
 • Moto Turbo coil cord
 • IMSA->NASCAR Adapter
 • NASCAR->IMSA Adapter
 • Velcro Mount PTT Switch
 • Wheel mount PTT Kit
 • Radio Box
 • 2 Pin Motorola jumper

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 • SPORTBUD Speakers
 • NASCAR Helmet Mic
 • NASCAR Mic w/Cord
 • IMSA Helmet Mic
 • IMSA Mic w/Cord

 • HYT/Blackbox Std. Battery

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The STINGER MOTOROLA radio system

      These are Re manufactured radios in this system

      This is a steal of a deal. You will receive 2 Motorola Mag 1 BPR40 radios.  They also include NEW Batteries, NEW Antennas and NEW Belt clips. Radios com with a full One year warranty from date of purchase.

    For the car you will also receive.......

    1 BRAND NEW Radio box

    1 BRAND NEW Nascar style kevlar wound triple shielded car harness and radio jumper

    1 BRAND NEW upgraded Pro style PTT (other charge extra for this)

    For the Driver you will receive.......

    1 BRAND NEW Nascar style Helmet micropohone with Noise cancelling M101 mic......(Others charge $60.00 extra for this)

    1 Pro Pod helmet speakers

    For the crew you will receive......

    1 Pro Series behind the head headset.......( Others charge $50.00 more for this)

    1 Pro Series headset cord...." Not a cheap China cord"  (Others charge $30.00 more for this)

    1 Radio belt (not shown)

    You also receive an aluminum carry case and a full 1 year warranty on the entire system...... 

The STINGER MOTOROLA radio system
(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Only $625.00


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